Programme Development and Approval

Guidance for anyone developing a new programme or radically revising an existing programme.Programme Development - Guide
Outline of the role of Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions Group (MRAG) in the process for new programme approval.Programme Development (MRAG)
Guidelines outlining the whole programme approvalProgramme Approval Process 

Approval of New Programme (MRAG)

Faculty contact Planning and MI to create the 'Programme Team'. This team will take ownership of this process and steer the programme through the various stages.Contact Planning and MI
Programme Team creates a Programme Outline which will be used as the basis for a market Assessment.   A 'market analysis report' will be produced and this will be part of the Outline Programme Approval Form submitted to MRAG.Full details are in the Programme Approval (MRAG) guidance document
The Business Case Pro-forma should be completed with the Faculty Dean and Finance Business Partner.Business Case Pro-forma
Complete Outline Programme Approval Form.  This is submitted to MRAG, including the Market Analysis Report and completed business case.Outline Programme Approval Form
Proposed fees should be discussed by the Programme Team prior to submitting documentation to MRAG. If proposed fees are outside of the normal tariff, and this is agreed by MRAG, this form needs to be completed and submitted to Fees and Bursary Group.Programme Fee Approval Form
MRAG will present a recommendation as to whether the Programme is suitable for market and communicate the outcome to the Faculty.   

Approval of New Programme (ADQ)

Outline Programme Approval Form submitted to Quality Team by Faculty. 
Outcome of ADQ is communicated to Faculty and distribution list of interested parties. 

Programme Validation

Once approved by ADQ the academic team will develop content and ensure appropriate consultation. 
The Quality Team will work with Faculty staff to set up the approval event.  There is a timeline on the 'Programme Approval Process' document but timings are dependent on a number of factors and may not always be accurate. 
The following documents need to be submitted to Quality for the Programme Approval Event: 
Approved ADC outline proposal 
The Nomination of External Panel Member form will be completed by the Quality Officer once they have received details from the Faculty.  This must be done early in the process to enable communication with the External Academic regarding the process.Nomination of External Panel Members - Form
Completed Programme Approval FormProgramme Approval Form
Programme SpecificationProgramme Specification Template
Module DescriptorsModule Descriptor - Template
Faculty Programme Resource Approval Sign-OffForm will be provided by the Quality Team
Student Journey Programme Approval Sign-OffForm will be provided by the Quality Team

Programme Specific Regulations Process

Guidance document
If the programme is accredited please complete the PSRB checklist.  This is not required until after accreditation is confirmed which may be after the approval event.PSRB Checklist
If the programme has Programme Specific Regulations please completeProgramme Regulations - Template

Programme Changes / Termination

To make changes to an exsiting programme complete the Programme Re-approval form and submit to Quality Team.Programme Re-approval Form
To be completed when as soon as possible once decision has been made to terminate a programme.  This must be signed off by FAC prior to submission and must include the proposed end date.  Notification of Termination of Named Award - Form
Outlines the process for consultation with applicants and students following significant programme changesConsultation with Students
To propose an additional IFY year to an existing programmeProposal for Addition of the Integrated Foundation Year to an Existing Programme
 Revalidation Triggered by Cumulative Minor


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Inclusive Programme Design Disabled Students - Guide  
Integrated Curriculum Design Framework 
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