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PhD Doctor of Philosophy)]



Growing Concerns: practitioners’ positions on engaging in Continuing Professional Development in a deregulated FE and Skills sector


Thesis Outline.

My thesis investigates Further Education teachers' use of informal, online learning. It explores the value of social media communities for CPD as well as investigating their problematic nature with respect to capturing impacts of informal dialogues.


I am a teacher educator, coach and mentor in the Midlands. I am director of independent training provider Real Time Education and hold associate posts with University of Warwick and ETF as well as working as a curriculum designer and facilitator in work-based learning. I am an active user and facilitator of formal and informal educators’ learning and research communities including ETF Professional Exchanges and online, informal social media dialogues. I tweet on matters educational @realtimedu.


Research Activities.

My thesis explores FE educators’ informal online learning via a 6-month netnographic, thematic analysis of Twitter communities. I have developed a 3-lens model of educators’ informal dialogues comprising ‘pedagogy’, ‘learning community’ and ‘identity and voice’ lenses. This analysis is followed by 1-1 interviews and focus groups with Twitter-based FE community users, founders and moderators as well as leaders and managers in FE to establish the value and challenges of informal online learning.

Citations And Presentations.

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Taylerson, L. (2019) Professional Networks Give Us a Sense of Identity and Purpose. Journal of the Society for Education and Training (inTuition). Issue 35, Spring 2019.





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