What should I do if I discover I have an examination clash (two exams scheduled at the same time)?

You should email the details of your clash  to exams@sunderland.ac.uk or telephone 0191 515 3264, so that alternative arrangements can be put in place.

What should I do if I have missed or cannot attend my examination(s)?

You must contact your Faculty Office immediately.The Faculty Office will advise you of the next steps to take.

What should I do if I have a Specific Learning Difficulty and/or a disability and require special arrangements during my examinations?

You must contact the Disability Support Team at least six weeks prior to any examination period so an assessment of your needs can be carried out. You should email marsha.wilkinson@sunderland.ac.uk or telephone 0191 515 2952 to make an appointment.

If you have already spoken to Disability Support and the necessary assessments have been put in place, you will receive an email, prior to the examination period, confirming the arrangements which have been set up for you. 

If you are in any doubt or do not receive an email or letter you should contact Disability Support Team on 0191 515 2952 or the Timetabling, Attendance Monitoring and Graduations team 0191 515 2199 immediately.

When will I receive my examination results?

Examination results will be published following the examination boards. Examination boards are held in the weeks following the examination period.  Examination results will be available either via Evision or will be posted out to you by the Faculty Office.

If my examination is timetabled into more than one room, which room do I go to?

The Faculty Office or Module Leader may organise for students to go to a specific room and if so will inform students on SunSpace (WEBCT), by email or on your course noticeboard. If you are not given any information from your Faculty or Module Leader you should always go to the first exam room mentioned on the timetable, the room will be filled by the invigilator and any overspill will be sent on to the smaller room.

Can I appeal against my examination results?

Yes. For further information regarding the review of assessment decisions click here.