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In this current neoliberal climate, why are teacher attrition rates growing and retention rates dropping within England?


Thesis Outline.

These are testing times for education. Exacerbated by a time of austerity (Lewis & West 2017), England's Education system is ending up gradually moving towards privatisation, decentralisation and motivation underpinned by an economic future (Hill, 2009). With this system teachers are compelled to adapt to frequent and prescriptive government changes, result driven league tables and increasing amounts of responsibility (i.e. extra additions to the job description) as a result of restructuring to form a flat management structure. This study will seek to understand the links between these areas and the capacity of looking at studies of resilience and data from questionnaires and interviews etc to understand what is really going on currently for teachers in the Education system.


As a teacher of 22 years, I’ve developed a wide knowledge base honing my I’ve developed a wide knowledge base honing my management and personnel skills. Teaching Skills covers a wide remit: ITT, GTP, NQT, new staff induction, INSET, training initiatives, external training authorisation, management of & initiatives for departmental and whole school training budgets and time, Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP), safeguarding, Joint PD days, training hubs, whole staff CPD, performance management, coaching triads, support initiatives for unsatisfactory teachers, initiatives enabling unqualified staff to access QTS or HLTA and a variety of outreach initiatives supporting other schools and developing community cohesion. I’ve expanded and strengthened the work of my department, believing strong well-managed and effectively targeted professional development ensures consistency in teaching/management and helps encourage conversations.

Research Activities.

  • Teacher resilience and wellbeing
  • The effect of neoliberalism on education
  • Pupil engagement
  • Initial teacher training

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