PhD Doctor of Philosophy



An investigation into the possibilities of defining art-driving specifically in relation to the practice of art walking.


Thesis Outline.

1. Abstract

2. Introduction

3. Methodology The Methodology is in the form of an autobiographical narrative giving some details of myself as an artist and describing the development of one of my art works. This is followed by some cognitive work to draw conclusions about the theoretical basis for my methodology.

4. Contextual Review The Contextual review concludes that there is very little context for driving as an art form but finds parallels with art walking. It develops classifications of walkers with a brief explanation of what they are with an example or an artist an art works that typify each classification. Finally, it discusses the political and cultural contexts of driving

5. Provocation 1 Each provocation will be an art work designed to explore one or more of the classifications of walker developed in the Contextual Review in greater depth.

6. Provocation 2

7. Provocation 3

8. Conclusions


My art practice reflects my work practices over the last thirty years, or at least those parts of my work that I enjoyed the most. I would characterise these as giving value to the overlooked, ensuring that those making quiet contributions are recognised, helping others to reach their potential, questioning assumptions and understanding processes by looking for patterns in data. My Art & Environment MA (2014) has brought my environmental concerns to the fore in my work which covers of a variety of media including poetry, photography, film, print making, sculpture and installations.


Research Activities.

For my PhD I am making art inspired by the act of driving.






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