PhD Doctor of Philosophy



Pay to Win, Play to Lose: A Study of the Synergies between the film and the video game industries


Thesis Outline.

Research into the synergies and collaboration between the video game and film industries over the past couple of decades. Researching aspects such as narrative, marketing/PR, audience reaction and adaptation.


I am both a BA (Bachelor of Arts) and an MA (Master of Arts) graduate from the University of Sunderland in Film, Media and Cultural studies. I am passionate about Animated film, video games and modern technology (VR, Computers, Consoles etc.)


Research Activities.

Video Games Studies (Adaptation, Marketing/PR, Narrative, Audience) Animated & Disney Film (Pixar & Western Animation) Modern Media (VR, Video Games)

Citations And Presentations.

Emotionality In Pixar: Inside Out (2015): Wall E: Use of the Musical Film and Mise en Scene: Political Identity in Zootropolis (Zootpia: USA): otopia_USA_






Dr Susan Smith