Academic Quality Handbook

The Academic Quality Handbook is the definitive collection of the latest copies of all the procedures, templates and forms relating to all academic quality processes of the University.

It is divided into a number of sections from high level strategy through programme development and approval; regulations and assessment policy; complaints and appeals procedures; to APL and Handbooks.

The sections are intended to be self-explanatory, however if you have any queries or comments then please contact Sam Booth-Malone in Quality Support via email

When you need to use the forms and templates, please make sure you download the latest version from this handbook to ensure you are not using an out of date copy.

To access the Quality Handbook, please follow this link Academic Quality Handbook Home

All sections are available to both students and staff and some typical usage of this Handbook includes:

For students

For academic members of staff

For programme and module leaders

For research staff and students