Academic Calendar

The University's Academic Calendar provides details of the key dates in the academic year for teaching, examinations, module and programme assessment boards, academic awards ceremonies (graduation ceremonies) and the spring, summer and winter vacation periods.

You can find a copy of the Academic Calendar and details of Term Dates


Important Note: 

  • The Academic Calendar works alongside your personalised teaching timetable to help you identify the specific dates your teaching sessions take place (e.g. your personalised timetable may show a session running on a Wednesday in weeks 9-12, 14,15,  You should refer to the relevant 'week no' column on the Academic Calendar to identify the exact dates of the session)
  • The Academic Calendar reflects the start and end dates for our main 'on campus' undergraduate programmes. For details of Postgraduate Programme start and end dates please consult your admissions information and your programme handbook.


Academic Calendar for 2019/20

Academic Calendar for 2020/21

Term Dates

The University's Term Dates can be found here